LawBite, in partnership with Clever Accounts, is making business law smarter

Clever Accounts
July 25, 2022

As a new business, you need to ensure you get the right help and support. In these challenging times, high-quality legal advice can make the difference between success and failure.

The Lawbite difference

The LawBite platform has been designed with SMEs in mind, ensuring they can access expert legal advice, faster and much cheaper.

Using the latest online tools and advanced data science, our secure platform and app help to remove the complexity and uncertainty when engaging with a lawyer.

Easier to access

Quickly speak to a friendly lawyer through our virtual legal platform

Clearer to understand

Helpful tools and features simplify the legal process

More affordable

We are 50% of the cost of comparable law firms

Free legal help for Clever Accounts customers

Having worked with thousands of startups and growing SMEs, we know a thing or two about the support a fledgling business needs to prosper.

That’s why we have created a FREE service plan called Essentials; a package of legal services designed to support startups on their path to success.

How can we do this?

Simply put, we leverage the efficiencies in our legal platform to make this work, without having to make you pay anything.

With our free Essentials subscription plan, Clever Accounts customers can get:

  • 3 free essential legal documents for startups
  • Free 15 minute consultations with a lawyer
  • £10 per hour discount off legal advice
  • Free legal health check tools
  • Webinars, blogs, hints & tips
  • Partner discounts

Seen enough? Want to get started now?

Sign up to Clever Accounts and get fixed fee hassle-free accounting

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