MTD ITSA is coming in April 2024

At Clever Accounts we're ready and compliant to provide an end-to-end solution for self-employed businesses and landlords who are caught by the new HMRC MTD for Income Tax changes.

Clever MTD ITSA solutions

We're experts in accounting services. This makes us first choice for any MTD ITSA questions you may have. Through our 20 year experience of supporting businesses, we've built up a huge amount of experience in ensuring all businesses are fully compliant and that no additional requirements by HMRC should mean additional hassle, or effort for you.

Using a combination of providing an all-inclusive accounting service and help with navigating around MTD ITSA, the experienced accountants at Clever, are always on hand for you.

This, together with an easy-to-use online accounting app, makes our small business accounting service stand out from the rest.

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  • Get compliant, accurate advice on upcoming HMRC changes relating to MTD ITSA and how this might affect you and your business.

  • Providing MTD ITSA ready and compliant software free of charge to help you ensure your submissions are quick and easy.

  • No matter what business sector you work in, our accountants have a vast array of knowledge and experience to ensure your business is fully informed.

What is MTD ITSA?

Making Tax Digital for Income Tax is a new way for self-employed, contruction industry scheme workers and landlords to report their earnings on a more frequent basis during the year.
Self-employed business owners and landlords with a total income above £10,000 per year, will need to operate within MTD and digitally submit income and expenditure figures quarterly.
Those businesses affected, will need to keep digital records, use MTD-compliant software, send quarterly income and expenditure updates to HMRC and make any adjustments on a final declaration.

How to prepare for MTD ITSA

Get in touch

Check whether your business might be affected by MTD. If it is, get in touch with us for further information on what changes you might need to make to ensure your business is compliant.

Advice and support

All businesses will need to start using MTD-compliant accounting software to submit quarterly submissions. We can recommend and help get you set up on the best software for you..

Clever MTD

When April 2024 comes, our services will seamlessly include the required support in order for your business to submit their quarterly submissions and ensure you are fully compliant.

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Why become a Sole Trader?

A Sole Trader structure is currently the quickest and easiest way to start your business. You can start instantly, do not need to establish any legal structure and can be the perfect solution for those that are just starting out on their new business.

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Great partnerships complement your business

We've worked hard to find the best partnerships to help you and your business. We're not just accountants, but business advisors. We want you to succeed and ensuring you have access to the best tools will only help develop a stronger business.

Tide Banking

Our banking partner, Tide is a perfect fit for your sole trader business. A modern, online banking solution that offers a 5-minute turnaround for account registration with hassle-free, easy to use software, provides a great starter companion. What's more, once you have registered and funded your new bank, they'll award you £75 cashback!

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Coconut accounting app

Coconut is a fantastic sole trader accounting app that helps you unmuddle your business and personal finances, so that you always have accurate figures at your fingertips. Making it easy to see how business is doing, whose payments are overdue, and what to set aside for tax every single month. Through Clever, you get Coconut free of charge.

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At Clever Accounts, we pride ourselves in providing outstanding services to all our clients.

Accountancy isn’t all about crunching numbers and submitting documents but, just like any other online service, we strive to ensure we fully understand your needs as a customer and we communicate to you in a friendly, clear and concise manner.

No matter your industry and accounting needs, we have an accountant that is experienced to help you run your business and allow you to focus on growing your business.