Business banking solutions

We partner with Tide, a banking solution that provides hassle-free, modern business banking, all within an app. What's more, if you sign up through us, you will receive £75 cash back once you've funded your new account.
"Tide is about doing what you love. That’s why we’re trusted by 400,000+ sole traders, freelancers and limited companies throughout the UK."
  • Receive £75 cashback once the account is funded

  • Access to Tide via mobile and web access

  • Receive instant notifications on your phone

  • Easy in-app card management

  • Manage direct debits and standing orders

Integrate your bank account with open banking

Why join Clever Accounts?

At Clever Accounts, we pride ourselves in providing outstanding services to all our clients.

Accountancy isn’t all about crunching numbers and submitting documents but, just like any other online service, we strive to ensure we fully understand your needs as a customer and we communicate to you in a friendly, clear and concise manner.

No matter your industry and accounting needs, we have an accountant that is experienced to help you run your business and allow you to focus on growing your business.