Legal services

If you need help with contracts, legal documents, or need to discuss an issue with a lawyer, our partner Lawbite, helps small businesses with all their legal requirements.
"The LawBite platform has been designed with SMEs in mind, ensuring they can access expert legal advice, but faster and much cheaper."
  • Easier to access - quickly speak to a friendly lawyer through our virtual legal platform

  • Clearer to understand - helpful tools and features simplify the legal process

  • More affordable - we are 50% of the cost of comparable law firms

Free legal help for Clever Accounts customers

Having worked with thousands of startups and growing SMEs, we know a thing or two about the support a fledgling business needs to prosper.
That’s why we have created a FREE service plan called Foundations; a package of legal services designed to support startups on their path to success.
With our free Foundations subscription plan, Clever Accounts customers can get;

  • 5 free essential legal documents for startups
  • Free 15 minute consultations with a lawyer
  • £10 per hour discount off legal advice
  • Free legal health check tools
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Why join Clever Accounts?

At Clever Accounts, we pride ourselves in providing outstanding services to all our clients.

Accountancy isn’t all about crunching numbers and submitting documents but, just like any other online service, we strive to ensure we fully understand your needs as a customer and we communicate to you in a friendly, clear and concise manner.

No matter your industry and accounting needs, we have an accountant that is experienced to help you run your business and allow you to focus on growing your business.