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Enter the details of your daily rate, expenses you personally pay for and any mileage that you undertake as part of your job into the form below to calculate the take home pay you could expect. We've added in some other fixed costs that you would pay (or can claim) e.g. our fees, a use of home allowance.

Please note this calculator should only be used as a guide to how much you could take from your limited company. It is not an exact calculation and does not take into account any additional income. Professional guidance from us would still be needed to ensure the calculations accurately reflect your specific circumstances.

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Your own limited company.

On average, contractors and consultants working through their own limited company retain around 70% - 80% of their contract value to pay out as earnings to themselves though a combination of salary or dividends.

You can find further information about starting a new company and how we can help get you set up quickly and hassle free.

  • Quick company formation - within hours.
  • Certificate of Incorporation & Articles.
  • Full registered with HMRC for Taxes, PAYE and VAT.
  • Unlimited help and support during the process.
  • Tailored calculations on best wages / dividend structure.
  • Easy, quick and effortless service.

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There are no hidden charges, no additional fees at the end of the year to finalise future accounts. Quite simply, once signed up, you will pay just one monthly fee to us and we will provide you with unlimited advice, completion of the end of year accounts and tax returns, an online bookkeeping system and much more.

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