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Experienced, specialist accountants for contractors, freelancers, consultants, locums and self-employed professionals. Only £75 per month.

What we do...

We provide a high-quality, specialist and personal service to UK contractors and freelancers. We combine clear, expert advice and great customer service, seamlessly with the simplicity, control and peace of mind delivered by bespoke online software. A complete, specialist accounting and tax solution, with simple, modern communication tools and an all-inclusive fixed fee.

Relax knowing everything is taken care of, youre fully informed and you can concentrate on bringing in business and delivering for your clients.

What you get...

Less Hassle - more service - were passionate about delivering on our promise, making your life easier, building trust and instilling confidence. And youll always get to speak to someone who knows your account, for unlimited, specialist advice and support. Well explain things clearly, in advance, and set everything up to run in a streamlined, hassle-free way.

Less tax - more earnings - our specialist contractor-focused advice ensures you keep as much of your hard-earned cash as possible and never pay more tax than you need to. Well set up your business and remuneration structure in the most tax-efficient way possible, discuss IR35 and proactively advise you on an on-going basis, in response to changes in circumstances or HMRC rules.

Less paperwork and time involved - more control & visibility - our bespoke software is quick and easy to use and gives you a 24/7 real-time view of expenses, drawings available and tax liabilities and generates all the information required to keep HMRC happy. Everythings organised in one secure place - no paperwork and no spreadsheets. Raise invoices and claim expenses online thats it, well take care of everything else, monitor your account and ensure youre compliant, whether with HMRC, VAT, PAYE or Companies House. Well remove the admin burden of running a company. Simple more time for you to do what you do best.

Less stress - more peace of mind guaranteed turnaround times, automated reminders, specialist pro-active tax planning and a fixed fee mean you can relax, knowing everything is taken care of. Key dates and amounts are explained well in advance. No worries about filing returns or dealing with the taxman. Never miss a deadline or pay a fine. Zero stress.

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Some of our great customers have their say!

We've been using Clever Accounts since 2005 and they have helped the smooth running of our business.

Katie Howard from Bright Five Limited

Totally love that the accountants at @Clever_Accounts can cope with IM-type conversations

Rob Allen from Nineteen Feet Ltd

Clever Accounts really know their stuff and they have helped me greatly in starting out my business.

Chris Banes from Senab Ltd

Fixed fee accounting from only £75 / month

There are no hidden charges, no additional fees at the end of the year to finalise future accounts. Quite simply, once signed up, you will pay just one monthly fee to us and we will provide you with unlimited advice, completion of the end of year accounts and tax returns, an online bookkeeping system and much more.

Furthermore, there's no commitment, you can leave whenever you wish.

Alternatively, give us a call on 0800 756 9786

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