Freely switch between limited company and Umbrella

Flex is our brand new Umbrella switching solution that allows you to have the best of both worlds.

Switch between a limited company and Umbrella contract as often as you like and pay just one single monthly fee.

FLEX is our brand new IR35 solution to allow contractors to switch seamlessly between their limited company & Umbrella

From April 2021, changes to IR35 will lead to contractors finding themselves confused about their IR35 status.

After the change, end-hirers and agencies will be fully responsible for assessing whether a contract is inside or outside IR35. This means that contractors no longer have a say about their IR35 status and it’s likely that agencies and end-hirers will have their own opinions and risk factors to consider.  That could lead to changes in statuses.

Furthermore, it’s likely that inside IR35 contracts will not be offered and Umbrella working becomes the only practical alternative.

Naturally, the above poses a potential problem for contractors. If they change contracts regularly, they may find that their current contract is outside IR35, but the next one only allows Umbrella working. As a result, the contractor has to sign up to an Umbrella company and accountancy firm depending on their current contract. This becomes expensive and time-consuming.


FLEX is our answer to IR35

Flex is our answer to the expected changes in legislation from April 2021. Included in all our packages, the free of charge solution allows contractors and freelancers to switch between a limited company and Umbrella seamlessly and hassle-free as and when needed and how often you like.

This means that you only need to sign up to our accounting service to allow you to take on any contract you are offered now, and in the future.

All clients are automatically added to our Flex package, which means you will be eligible to switch when the need arises.

Switch between limited company & Umbrella
No restrictions to the amount of times you switch
Every client is automatically added
Absolutely no additional cost for the solution
End-to-end solution with IR35 guidance and support
You retain your dedicated accountant

How it works

Switching between limited company or Umbrella as and when the need arises is simple and hassle-free with our FLEX solutions.


Speak to your accountant about your options and whether an IR35 assessment might be needed to understand your position and determine your IR35 status. Your dedicated accountant will then be able to give you the various options.

Make the switch

Depending on how you signed up, your accountant will either get your limited company set up and registered so that you can change to an ‘outside IR35’ role or, if you are moving to an Umbrella contract, help get you registered with our sister company.

Keep your options open

Whether you are operating through your limited company or working under an Umbrella, we’ll always keep your options open – this may be ensuring your company remains dormant or ensuring your details are up-to-date with the Umbrella.

Compare your take-home pay between a limited company and Umbrella

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What you get included with Clever Accounts

For one single monthly fee, you get all the services you need to ensure your limited company is efficient and compliant.

Company setup

We’ll assist you with setting up and registering your limited company with Companies House and HMRC.

Accounting software

Easy-to-use online accounting software to ensure your limited company remains compliant.

IR35 advice

Complete end-to-end solution for IR35, including advice, guidance and Umbrella switching solution.

Service focussed

With 15 years providing online accountancy services, we know a thing or two about customer service.

Insurance services

Free insurance* with the Limited Company package to ensure there is even less to worry about.

All-inclusive service

We provide a single fixed-fee monthly service to ensure you don’t have unexpected bills.

Providing accountancy services to limited companies for over 15 years

We have more than 15 years of experience in supporting contractors and freelancers, 10,000 limited companies who have been using our accounting service and a genuine passion for helping UK businesses grow.