Take-home pay calculator

Calculate your take-home pay earnings

If you are a contractor or freelancer, use our take-home pay calculator to find out how much you could earn.

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Calculate how much you could earn

Operating through a limited company as a contractor or freelancer has many benefits and can be a career choice for many people since it offers the flexibility to choose your direction.

One of the main benefits of contracting is the ability to offset expenses against your earnings, producing a corporation tax reduction. As a result, this increases the ability to take out more money from your company by way of salary and dividends. Use our tax calculator below to see how much you could earn from your limited company.

Find out how much you could earn through a limited company

Use the slider to calculate your potential weekly earnings if you operate as a contractor through your limited company

What you get included with Clever Accounts

For one single monthly fee, you get all the services you need to ensure your limited company is efficient and compliant.

IR35 solution

Complete end-to-end solution for IR35, including advice and a hassle-free Umbrella switching service.

Accounting software

Easy-to-use, online accounting software, tailored made for contractors to ensure your limited company remains compliant.

Dividends and wages

We’ll help calculate your take-home pay and with the help of our online software, ensure you are tax efficient.

Business banking

Get set up with an online business bank account in 5 minutes with the help from one of our fantastic banking partners.

Insurance services

Free insurance* with the Limited Company package to ensure there is even less to worry about.

All-inclusive service

We provide a single fixed-fee monthly service for contractors and freelancers to ensure you don’t have unexpected bills to pay.

Introducing IR35 Flex

Flex is our brand new service designed for contractors and freelancers and provides a flexible and seamless way for you to switch between a limited company and Umbrella solution whenever you need.

Whats more, there is no additional cost for Flex and you are automatically eligible to switch once you have signed up.


Designed for contractors & freelancers


Automatically enrolled into Flex


Quick and seamless switching between packages


Pay just one fixed monthly fee


Keep the limited company benefits

Providing accountancy services to limited companies for over 15 years

We run one of the most experienced accountancy services in the UK and have been supporting thousands of limited companies for more than 15 years. Our team of accountants specialise in increasing take-home pay earnings and helping your business become more tax-efficient.