A revolutionary accountancy service for small businesses and contractors

If you´re a small business owner or self-employed individual you´ll need to keep track of your finances, prepare annual accounts and stay on top of your tax returns. Using a specialist, online, small business and contractor accountant is the best way to achieve a high standard of expert, hassle-free service and online visibility, at an affordable fixed monthly fee.

Starting a new business couldn't be easier!

As a new start up business, we want to give you the best possible chance of success in growing your business and making profit.

On average, around two thirds of all start-ups fail within their first year of business. This is a dramatic statistic and is one Clever Accounts wants to reduce.

It's an unwelcome fact that a high proportion of business failures are the result of poor financial management within the business.

This is because many business owners are so focused on selling or working for customers that equally important elements of the business, such as financial monitoring or planning, is completely ignored.

Clever Accounts want to help these businesses become one of the minority and succeed in business. With a low monthly commitment there is no excuse not to employ an accountant.

We can help register the new company and advise you on how to operate it.


Form Company

If you are a new business or want to transfer to a limited company structure, we can help form your new company quickly and effortlessly.

We can normally form and register your new company within the day - usually in a couple of hours, and then ensure other services are registered including VAT & PAYE if required.

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