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Specialist small business advice, less stress, less paperwork and minimise your tax bill. Only £79.50 per month.

Why online?

Instead of arranging a meeting and trekking into the office to meet your accountant a couple of times a year to be told how your business did last year and how much tax you owe and instead of keeping piles of records and spreadsheets.....

What if....? could speak to dedicated accountants for unlimited, specialist advice, support and tax planning, whenever you need and from wherever you are? could always view an up to date picture of your finances and tax liabilities, whenever you want, from the comfort of your home or office?

...your accountant provided a way of keeping all your information in one secure place, raising customer invoices and automatically uploading your expenses and then linking this automatically with your accounts and tax returns? could relax knowing everything is taken care of, never miss a deadline and never pay a fine?

...this was all available for one, affordable, all-inclusive fixed monthly fee?

More and more services have moved to an online or digital environment accountancy is no different. Everything a small business needs now can be done electronically and online, more easily and more accurately the result: less paperwork, less hassle, less stress, less time and more control.

Expert professional advice and excellent customer service, available through a variety of modern communication tools, combined with the ease of access, improved control and visibility, added functionality and value for money available online makes online accounting an obvious choice and one more and more small business owners are making.

We produce and file your accounts, we provide easy to use software to keep your records, manage your finances and invoice your customers, well calculate all your taxes and file your returns and well help you structure things to minimise the amount of tax you pay. Were happy dealing with limited companies or sole traders.

Plus you get access to specialist small business advice, support and tax planning, whenever you want it.

Clever Accounts Traditional Accountants
Recording Keeping Raise invoices and enter expenses into a single, secure repository; everything filed electronically Keep multiple spreadsheets or piles of invoices and receipts in a word paperwork
Advice Unlimited; no extra cost Often infrequent; often charged for
Access to your figures Online, in real time, whenever you want Normally after the year-end, when your accounts are done
Pro-active service Small business and tax specialists Small businesses = low priority
Cost All-inclusive fixed monthly fee no surprises Ad-hoc invoicing
Added value
  • Invoice your customers
  • Upload your bank statements no re-keying
  • See your available drawings and tax liability position in real time
  • View business reports as often as you like
  • Track who owes you money
  • Track your mileage
  • Automated deadline reminders
That's for you to decide!
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