The Clever Accounts Mission for Small Business Owners Our Vision & Our Service

Our mission is to revolutionise accounting for small businesses, self-employed individuals and franchises simplifying and streamlining accounts, tax and bookkeeping and greatly improving the service they receive.

We provide a fully comprehensive online service, covering all the bookkeeping, accounting, tax compliance and advice that a small business needs. Not just software and not just expertise, but both in one all-inclusive, low-cost package. This new, modern approach dramatically improves the service small businesses receive reducing time, cost and risk and improving control.

The Federation of Small Businesses recently published the following facts about how the smallest businesses are let down by the tax regime and the traditional accountancy support model

  • Half the owners of the UK's smallest businesses spend up to 8 hours a month on tax admin
  • For 11% tax admin takes an astonishing six days per month
  • Two thirds of owners estimate the cost of dealing with tax obligations at over 3,500 pa
  • One in five said a lack of understanding about the tax system led them to miss tax deadlines
  • One in three said a lack of cashflow planning led to them not paying taxes on time

That's where Clever Accounts comes in... it really doesn't have to be that painful!!

The solution we offer is ideal for today's small businesses, whose owners want a quick, efficient and high-quality way to simply and cheaply take away the hassle of accounting and tax compliance and give them visibility over their financial position, using modern communication tools.

The things we stand for are:

  • Simplicity & ease - we use simple technology to make life as easy as possible for you
  • Keeping you safe - we take care of everything, on time, every time, with minimal hassle & clear advice
  • Unlimited support & clear advice - same day responses, sensible tax planning, at no extra cost
  • Accessibility - a named, qualified accountant, available when YOU want, by phone or email
  • Value and Transparency - less than 850 per year, fixed, for a complete business service

It is unlikely that a high-street accountant can offer you anything like the same range of value-added services that Clever Accounts can, at the price we charge.

Many small, micro and start-up businesses and self-employed individuals, do not get the service they need and deserve.

With a traditional approach, the onus is on you to collate and complete all of your books and records and get them to your accountant, in the form of emails, spreadsheets, manual records, or invoices and receipts. Your accountant then spends time processing them, often quite a while, and will finally get back to you with your accounts or tax liability and a large bill.

What makes Clever Accounts perfect for small businesses

Focus and passion

We're small business and self-employed specialists - that's all we do

Common Sense

Tax planning and structuring, tailored to small business owners and self-employed individuals

Fairness and transparency

All-inclusive, fixed fees. No contracts, no commitments, no exit fees.

Low cost

All inclusive package for only £79.50 per month - covers all accounts and tax compliance activity, tax planning, online software, unlimited support and advice

Added value

Other products available include - full-function app (raise invoices, record expenses and check balances on the move), independent financial advice and legal services.


Easy to use online bookkeeping system included. Raise invoices, keep track of expenses and organise your records quickly, easily and securely - another problem solved.


An end to bookkeeping - upload information direct from your online bank statements, if you wish. No need for re-keying, spreadsheets or 'traditional' bookkeeping - saves time whilst being totally organised


Instant, up to date view of your financial and tax position is available 24/7 - invaluable for financial planning purposes. Traditional accountants charge 000's per year for management accounts that are usually out of date.

Clear advice

From your named, qualified accountant, tailored to small business owners, whenever its needed - by phone, email, or Skype - no trekking to the office, no appointments, no stuffy meetings

High-quality service

Modern customer service standards (e.g. same day response times) and system-driven processes (like automated reminders), mean zero hassle and no missed deadlines ever

Easy to sign up

We can form a company and register your business with all the relevant regulatory agencies in 24 hours, all from one simple online sign-up process and we can help with banking and insurance.

A new, clear, high-service, low-cost, technology-led alternative, to help and support small businesses to deal with accounting, tax compliance and financial planning - businesses for whom having to 'keep the books' and ensure they stay tax-compliant is frankly a massive distraction from trying to grow, yet is also an important aspect of being in business that they ignore at their peril.

No hassle, no bookkeeping, no paperwork, no meetings.

Less risk, less time, less paperwork, less cost.

More control, more visibility, more simplicity, more clarity.

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