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Who we are?

Were small-business specialist accountants. We do nothing else. Thats why we have completely redesigned the way an accountancy service works for small businesses, to suit them, by harnessing simple technology to reduce the time, hassle and cost they incur. Because of the systems and technology we use, the service is ideally suited to supporting franchise networks.

We provide complete expert accountancy support and unlimited advice and we adhere to modern customer service standards, such as immediate query response. The key difference however, is that our clients all use a simple online tool to easily and securely record their financial information. This means it can easily be reported and shared, in real-time, improving accuracy, control and visibility and also reducing admin and cost.

Whats an accountant for?

Most franchisees dont need an accountant to tell them how to run their business, manage their staff, or look after their clients thats what they are experts at, or have been trained to be by the franchise development process.

What they do need is:

A clear understanding of their business and tax obligations and costs

All of these compliance obligations dealt with accurately and on time, with minimal distraction

Related advice and support, as and when they need it, without worrying about the cost

An affordable price

Equally a franchisor or franchise network needs:

Robust and consistent financial controls

HMRC-compliant franchisees

Visibility of franchisee performance

We deliver all of the above and more, using a simple online tool, at a cost that is likely to save your franchise network money too. Small businesses are often let down by the system. A recent report by the Federation of Small Businesses stated that, on average, they lose 12 days per year dealing with tax compliance and two thirds spend 3,500 a year in associated fees. Despite this, one in three said a lack of cashflow planning resulted in late tax payments and one in five that poor understanding of HMRC requirements led to missed HMRC deadlines.

Most franchisees will go to a local accountant for advice and compliance support. The accountant will produce their quarterly and annual VAT returns, tax returns and accounts, from hard copy or spreadsheet records produced by the franchisee. Bookkeeping support or any meaningful information about their financial position throughout the year such as management accounts will cost an awful lot extra. This means:

  • The franchisee has to spend time remembering deadlines, completing spreadsheets and other paperwork
  • Neither the franchisor nor the franchisee has regular visibility of their financial position
  • There is no consistency across the franchise network in terms of approach, advice or costs
  • Costs are high and there are often additional, surprise bills

By using a modern, streamlined approach and simple online technology, combined with strong small-business accounting expertise and great customer service, we provide a better, highly scaleable alternative, often at a lower cost.

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Either way, Clever Accounts could be a highly valuable part of your franchisee support package.

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