A quick refresh of our website to help mobile users


Mobile is ever more popular

Surfing the internet has changed dramatically over the years. In the beginning, monitors ruled and everyone pretty much had a standardised view of a website. It was easy for a business to design a website as they only ever needed to look at one source.

However, over the last few years, the ways users surf the internet has increased dramatically. A single user will now surf the internet on, maybe 2-3, different devices such as a smartphone, tablet and a traditional pc/mac monitor. Unless a website has been designed to specifically accommodate a device the experience won’t usually be pretty.

Why should a user not be able to explore the internet efficiently and be given a similar viewing experience on multiple devices.

Responsive design

As part of our recent site redesign, we looked at the problem closely and spent many days looking at how the site could be redeveloped to accommodate changing usage. Importantly though, we wanted to ensure the site and design did not radically change from our previous design, which many visitors loved.

Hopefully, we’ve be able to develop a site that pleases all users without any losses or information, design or layout on whichever device you are viewing it on.

Posted by Chris Mollan