How to get paid!

How to chase unpaid invoices

A healthy cash flow is essential for a business to survive.  Failing to get paid quickly and regularly for work done for a customer can result in serious cash flow issues and ultimately will affect […]

How to make your social media profile “work” for your business?

Last week, I watched a great a Facebook video by Guy Kawasaki. In it he says: “ Your (social media) profile is a window to your soul ”. Meaning, the way we post, share and […]

What expenses can be claimed?

Business expenses – what can be claimed

The question most often asked by clients is “what expenses can I claim?”.  However, the response isn’t as simple as you would imagine. What business expenses are allowable? – the golden rule All trading expenses […]

Credit control process

A guide to credit control: the basics

Credit control shouldn’t just be restricted to bigger businesses.  In fact, the process of agreeing, monitoring and collecting money should be part of day to day life of every business. Working for yourself brings many […]

What happens after signing up with Clever Accounts

What happens once you’ve signed up?

When you sign up with Clever Accounts, one of our accountants will be in contact with you. Our aim is to ensure that the process is straight forward and to make you comfortable with how […]

VAT Flat Rate Scheme changes

What’s happening with the flat rate VAT scheme?

How is flat rate VAT calculated? Traditionally, contractors have always benefited from registering on the flat rate scheme. This is because VAT would be collected on a sales invoice at 20%, but a lower percentage […]

SEO Quick Wins – a beginners infographic guide

Search Engine Optimisation can be quite a daunting task sometimes. Its constantly evolving nature requires some advanced technical skills and in many cases, you will not notice an immediate growth in traffic or some ranking improvement […]

Registering a new limited company

How to form a Limited Company

You’ve made the decision to go down the contracting route, handed in your notice and made the decision that a limited company is the right option for you.  What do you do now? The next […]