Take care applying for your next mortgage

On 1st September 2011 there was a fairly low-key launch of a new service that banks and building societies have access to when you next apply for a mortgage. Known as the ‘Mortgage Verification Scheme’ […]

Dividends Overpayment: Are you leaving enough money in the company?

I’m not sure whether it’s the current financial climate or owners simply not understanding the rules or even the accountancy advice is non-existent, but in recent months we’ve noticed a growing trend on new sign-up […]

Diary of a Small Business

We all want to do it – be our own boss, make our own decisions answer to no one. Yep, running your own business sounds pretty sweet on paper. And, so long as you are […]

Online Accountancy – It does work, but…

It’s been over 8 years since we first launched an online accountancy service within the UK.  We were one of the first truly online accountants providing an online accounting system to our clients to manage […]

PAYE Penalties – Do SME’s know about these?

Although the recent changes to PAYE were quite well documented prior and post 5th April 2011, it might be surprising just how may SME’s are unaware or simply do not realise the impact of some […]

HMRC News: E-traders beware!

HMRC have announced yesterday that another new campaign will be launched in the next year to target private tutors and e-marketplaces such as Ebay. The understanding is that HMRC believes that these two sectors knowingly […]

Is it time for HMRC to change tact on amensties?

HMRC has recently announced a new amnesty campaign to target businesses that are trading above the VAT threshold but are not registered. The campaign is set to start later on in the year and will […]

Accountancy and SAAS – A natural partnership

There is quite a lively debate over on the BusinessZone where on-premise software provider, Accountz, complains that cloud computing is a rip off.  He suggests that “monthly charges for products in what is known as […]