One Direction get involved in budget lobbying

The band One Direction are taking part in a scheme to encourage fans to lobby the Chancellor on issues such as maintaining the UK’s international development budget and cracking down on corporate tax avoidance.
Fans can use the Global Citizen site to email a letter written by the charity, whose main aim is to end extreme poverty, to the Chancellor or the Prime Minister and they get ‘points’ for doing so.
They can gain further points by signing petitions or watching relevant videos and when they have amassed a certain number, they will be eligible for free concert tickets! Other acts involved include Beyonce, Katy Perry, John Newman, McBusted, Ed Sheeran and Bruce Springsteen and Save the Children, Sub-Saharan Africa and polio eradication have been other causes supported by the initiative.
It is more than slightly ironic, however, that 1D seem to have made the most of the corporate tax structure by, perfectly legally, registering their business in Ireland to take advantage of its low corporation tax rate!!

Posted by John Hoskin