Unique Tax Reference number: Lost, misplaced or don’t have a UTR?

You don’t have time to waste. The deadline for filing a self-assessment tax return is days away and to successfully submit your return to HMRC, you must have a Unique Tax Reference number, called a UTR to hand.

This 10-digit number is used to identify you with HMRC, stays with you each year while you are required to submit a tax return and is quoted on all correspondence from HMRC in relation to your personal tax affairs.

Your responsibility

Don’t forget, it is your responsibility to inform HMRC that you need to complete a self-assessment tax return and consequentially, must ensure you register in plenty of time to avoid filing your return late.

Haven’t registered for a UTR yet?

If you haven’t informed HMRC that you need to complete a tax return for the previous year, you must do so immediately. You can do this online here or by calling HMRC on 0300 200 3310.

For a UTR to be issued and posted to you, you will need your National Insurance number and your personal and limited company details handy.

Lost or misplaced your UTR?

If you have previously registered but can’t find your reference number, it’s worth checking a few things before phoning HMRC…

Check your previous correspondence. Your UTR can be found on correspondence from HMRC relating to your personal tax affairs.
Online via the Government Gateway or HMRC account. If you have previously registered and submitted a tax return, you might have done this online. Check if you still have your filing details.

If you still cannot find your UTR, the only option left is to phone HMRC and request they re-issue the number. You’ll be asked to identify yourself, usually by your NI number and once confirmed, they will send the UTR number to you by post. This can take up to 7 working days to arrive!

With the filing deadline literally days away, getting things done now may save you financial pain in the long run!

Posted by Chris Mollan