Introducing great new features and brand new design

Today at Clever Accounts, we have just released some great – and very welcome, new features and enhancements to our online accounting software.

There are lots of new things that have been released and we possibly could not go through each one.  However, below is just a few of the more welcome ones.

Sales Invoicing

We’re excited by our brand new, fully featured and great new sales invoicing module.  It’s a huge improvement from the invoicing system that we currently had and means that more clients need not use other 3rd party software to allow them to do functions ours previously could not.

First off, we have a brand new sales dashboard that will provide real-time information on the status of all invoices or simply just one customer.


Our new sales invoice system will allow you to add new customers, create and use re-usable items, re-chargeable expenses (that you entered into the expenses or supplier accounts) all within a customer’s invoice.

Create the invoice via PDF to print and post or quickly and efficiently click the email button and the invoice will wing it’s way to the customer using an email template of your choosing.


Invoices can be customised with your own logo, terms and conditions and you can choose whether to send your invoice to one or multiple contacts at your customer.

To add to the invoicing section we have redesigned the customer (and supplier) areas giving you clearer information on the important information.  We’ve also moved them to their own section called “Contacts” to make it easier for you to get to them.

Projects is another new module.  Projects are large ongoing pieces of work that you undertake for one particular customer.  A typical project could be website development where you may invoice the customer several times before the piece of work is finished.  Creating a project will help you manage targets and completion dates.

Supplier & Expenses

As well as enhancing the supplier areas (in the same fashion as the sales invoicing) we’ve also added in a new “Expense Claims” feature.

The expenses module will allow you to add yourself, or your employees, and keep track of expenses that have been incurred personally on behalf of the business.  This will allow you to ensure that any expenses paid by yourself or staff are reimbursed correctly.


Re-charge to customers

One of the great new features within the expenses and supplier add invoices section is the ability to re-charge expenses to a customer.

If you are able to re-charge expenses back to the customer, or you have purchased a product or service on their behalf, you can now choose to re-charge the expense back to your customer when adding in the expense item.

Thus, when creating your next invoice, you can choose to add the expense from the list of available expenses quickly – no more forgetting to re-charge your customer or fumbling around for that receipt you need to include.

Design Improvements

You will immediately notice we have made design changes to almost all pages within the Clever Accounts system.  We hope that all these changes are welcome and that they help you navigate around the software quicker and easier.

This is apparent on the navigation menus, we’ve reduced the options to a minimum to make navigating around quicker and more intuitive.  On each page, we include buttons for further functionality.


Better Help

We have also redesigned the help system.  On each page on the botton right is a help button.  Click on it to receive contextual help on the area of the system you are viewing.  Clicking on any of the resources link will load a new page within our support site for additional help.



What’s coming shortly

Bank Imports

We are currently finalising the bank imports module.  This import facility will allow you to import bank transactions (downloaded from your online banking portal) and quickly upload them to the accounting system.  Once uploaded you will be able to quickly allocate them to account codes or assign them to invoices already created.

This will take the hassle away from tedious hours of tapping in payments into the bank section.

We are hopeful that the new module will be released by end of June.

New Phone App

Our new phone app (apple and android) is scheduled for release in August.  The new app will allow you to do the following

  • create sales invoices and email them to your customer
  • add expenses and attach your receipts
  • add supplier invoices
  • view real-time dashboard
  • add and view contacts

We are looking for beta testers for the app.  If you would like to be a part of this beta test, please get in touch via twitter or facebook.


In conjunction with the release of the new phone app we will be releasing our first API (application programming interface).  This will quite simply make it easier for 3rd party or your own bespoke software to interact with our own software in areas such as invoicing and contact management.  Stay tuned for this.

Posted by Chris Mollan