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Budget 2015 & Employment Status Review

Next Wednesday, George Osborne will stand up and make the last budget speech of this parliament. The proximity of the budget to the general election makes it far harder to predict than is often the case, with […]

Autumn Statement

Inevitably, given the stage we are at in the political cycle, yesterday’s Autumn Statement was heavily politically charged and full of a whole raft of detailed claims and figures, particularly in relation to the delivery […]

Budget 2014: For small businesses, contractors and individuals

The Chancellor hailed his budget as being for ‘savers, makers and doers’ which could equally have been translated as for savers and for businesses, notably manufacturers and those wishing to export. Much of the content […]

Budget Changes for Contractors and Self-Employed Professionals

We’ve recently blogged a few of the main, headline items that are going to change, or that we’d like to see in the Chancellor’s 2014 Budget tomorrow, that will effect many individuals, or the economy […]

Budget 2014

The budget will be presented by the Chancellor on Wednesday 19th March and the new tax year begins on 6 April. There are a few things the we already know will change from April… and […]

Autumn Statement – Small Business Summary

Overall the statement was a mainly political and fiscally neutral one, with little in the way of major changes that were not already leaked, briefed or expected. Much of it was, understandably, devoted to outlining […]

Budget 2013 at a glance for businesses

As budgets go, it wasn’t particularly memorable. The government announced measures that will hopefully help the economy snap out of the period of slow growth. It will remain to be seen whether this budget has […]

Budget 2012 – making tax simpler to understand?

Following George Osbourne’s Budget yesterday, there has been much talk on the headline changes proposed by the Government on reductions to the 50p tax rate, or the higher than expected increases to the personal allowance […]