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Pension schemes are out of favour with a big proportion of the freelancer and small business community currently. However, it’s becoming imperative to consider retirement planning due to changes to the state pension and the fact that the population is getting older.

Understanding how to manage your retirement plan and invest in your future wellbeing is a must, especially if you are a small business owner, contractor or freelancers.

Retirement planning as a contractor

Let’s face it, retirement planning isn’t the sexiest subject in the world and for a lot of people, it’s perceived as something that isn’t a priority in their life right now. However, pension planning is […]

Auto-enrolment pension scheme information

Is your company required to have an auto enrolment pension scheme? We are writing to you to make you aware of the potential need for your company to have an auto enrolment pension scheme. Auto […]

Auto-enrolment pensions: Is my business affected?

By now, most businesses have probably heard of the government’s pension auto-enrolment pensions initiative, through one of the myriad communications, information alerts and TV adverts on the subject. In a nutshell, this basically says that […]

Pensions: more exciting than you thought?

Tax year-end not far off You may be a long way off retirement but the end of the tax year is only a couple of months away, on 5 April. Investing in a pension remains […]

Save tax and save for the future with pension contributions

When you have your own limited company, you can get significant tax benefits through your company making contributions into your personal pension, as well as increasing your pension pot for future retirement. Save tax Company […]

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Pension and Financial planning – the missing link?

Did you know? Good pension planning is not only sensible but also the single most effective way of reducing the amount of tax you pay – and can virtually double your retained income? You can […]