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Obtaining a mortgage may not be straightforward when operating as a freelancer or contractor.

For some small business owners, the lack of stability in cash flow can be a major hurdle when buying a new home. Learn about the steps needed to be taken to ensure the application process is as smooth as possible.

Student Loans

Student Loans repayment – ways to repay

Getting a student loan, for most, is an essential part of getting through university.  Whether for course fees, accommodation or simply entertaining, it can be an expensive business studying.  Furthermore, the thought of actually paying […]

How to get a mortgage as a contractor?

Contracting can be a great idea; you can choose when and where you work, enjoy a flexible lifestyle and can switch between contracts to suit your needs. However, when it comes to getting a mortgage, […]

Mortgage Advice for Contractors and the Self-Employed

One of the concerns people have when they first become self-employed or take the plunge to working on a contract basis, is how it will affect their chances of getting or renewing a mortgage. There’s […]

Attractive mortgage deals for contractors

It would appear that the recent easing in the mortgage market is filtering through to contractor mortgages. We’re aware of providers offering specific contractor mortgages, with affordability calculated on a daily rate basis, over 46 […]

Take care applying for your next mortgage

On 1st September 2011 there was a fairly low-key launch of a new service that banks and building societies have access to when you next apply for a mortgage. Known as the ‘Mortgage Verification Scheme’ […]