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Incorporating a limited company to operate your business may hold some significant financial advantages. Increase in tax savings and personal income are the main ones. Learn how to register a limited company and get information on how to operate it.

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An MVL can be a great option

How to close your company and extract the profits at 10%

All things come to an end eventually and contracting is no exception.  Whether it was your decision or not, you might eventually decide to close down your company and move on to new projects. If […]

How to close your limited company

Closing Your Company

Everything must come to an end eventually, even a limited company.  Whether you have accepted employment or your contract has simply finished, it’s likely you will need to consider your options regarding your unwanted company. […]

Registering a new limited company

How to form a Limited Company

You’ve made the decision to go down the contracting route, handed in your notice and made the decision that a limited company is the right option for you.  What do you do now? The next […]

What is a Limited Company?

As accountants, our job is to advise you about the best structure for your new business venture. We get lots of questions about the most tax efficient way to set up a company, the day-to-day […]

A guide to using a Limited Company

A limited company is one way to set up, structure and run your business, which normally has certain benefits over other forms of business structure, including legal protection, tax-efficiency and a professional image (see our […]

Umbrella vs Limited

When starting life as a contractor, one of the biggest decisions you face is how to structure your finances and how you’ll get paid. If you want to stay compliant, there are two clear choices […]

Contracting through your limited company

Contracting through your limited company can be a relatively simple thing to do and gives you fantastic freedom to work when you want to. However, there are still certain things you should consider or be […]

Ltd. Company: What is an Annual Return?

Every UK limited company has to complete and file an Annual Return with Companies House. The return contains a snapshot of certain company information at a certain point in the year.  Importantly the Annual Return […]