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In recent years IR35 has become a synonym for contracting in the UK.

Whether you are just starting out contracting or have been contracting for some time, it is crucial to have a firm understanding of the finer details of IR35 and it’s legislation. Follow our coverage to stay on top of the latest developments.

IR35 and the impact of working practices

Although the written terms within a contract are very important in assessing any potential IR35 issues, there is another aspect which needs to be factored into the assessment and that is the working practices between […]

IR35 & Share Incentives

In certain circumstances, contractors are offered shares by their end client as part of the contract terms and of how the payment for the contractor’s services is structured. The shares may be offered as an incentive […]

House of Lords PSC / IR35 Inquiry Recommendations

The House of Lords inquiry into the use of personal service companies (‘PSCs’), those limited companies used by freelance contractor and consulting businesses, has given its verdict. In summary, it has not recommended any tightening of the […]

IR35 / Personal Service Company Round-Up

Following the conclusions announced recently, by a leading law firm, that the forthcoming “Onshore employment intermediaries: false employment legislation” (proposed in the Finance Bill 2014), will not affect personal service companies, due to the way […]

Lords PSC Select Committee – IR35 worth £550m a year

Following on from HMRC’s disclosure, last year, that it had increased receipts from IR35 investigations to £1.1m in 2012/13, evidence by Rowena Fletcher, an official responsible for Employment Status at the Revenue gave evidence to […]

HMRC IR35 stats and update for contractors

HMRC has recently disclosed, in a statement on its website, that it collected a yield of £1.1m in relation to IR35 enquiries that were closed in 2012/13 (including some that were opened prior to 2012/13). […]

IR35 – how important is it to HMRC?

For many contractors, quite rightly, IR35 is at the centre of their regulatory concerns. However, a recent freedom of information request to HMRC, by an umbrella company, showed that they do not even hold any […]

IR35: Common misconceptions

IR35 is vague to say the least.  It’s also complex and bewildering for most, including some accountants!  Although the internet provides a wealth of information on the subject, how do you know whether this information […]