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Business expenses seem to be a constant worry for freelancers and self-employed professionals.

“What expenses can I claim?” is one of the most common questions asked. To ease any confusion you may have, we have gathered some comprehensive guides that explain what qualifies as a business expense and how much can you claim.

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Top tax tips

13 Top Tax Tips

A limited company structure is usually the best way to legitimately and compliantly minimise your tax bill. This is because you can take remuneration through an efficient mix of salary and dividends and claim a […]

What expenses can be claimed?

Business expenses – what can be claimed?

The question most often asked by clients is “what expenses can I claim?”. However, the response isn’t as simple as you would imagine. What business expenses are allowable and what is The Golden Rule? All […]

Allowable business expenses: The Christmas party season is upon us!

With the festive season in full swing and Christmas parties being the talk of the office, it is worth considering what expenses you can claim through your limited company. The “Annual Party” As a director […]

Allowable Business Expenses: The Christmas Party Season

It’s that time of year again, the festive season is upon us, and the Christmas parties are about to get into full swing! For further clarification, we have put together a brief guide. The “Annual […]

The Christmas Party Expenses Guide

‘Tis the season and the good news is even contractors and small owner managed businesses can celebrate, tax-free! Christmas Parties Even if you’re the only employee within your business, as a director of your company, you are exempt from paying […]

Form a Company

Do you make the most out of claiming the use of home as office allowance?

When you are contracting or working from home, your home is deemed your principal place of business and therefore your company is able to contribute towards its running costs. This is known as the ‘use […]

Can I claim expenses from before I form a company?

In a nutshell, you can claim expenses from before you form a company. Setting up a limited company isn’t something that many people take lightly.  In fact in most cases, there are certain costs just […]

Claiming Expenses: The 24 month rule

There are numerous rules and limitations when contracting. However, one of the more important rules all contractors need to be aware of is the “24-month rule” when claiming expenses. What is the 24 month rule? […]