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Get clever about your dividends!

Did you know that as a UK taxpayer, you could potentially enjoy £2,000 of dividends tax-free per year?

Find out more about withdrawing profit reserves, closing your company and other tax advice relating to dividends extraction.

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Wages and personal allowance thresholds for April 2019.

Current Tax Year ended 5th April 2019 In the current tax year ended 5th April 2019, we general advise a salary of £702 per month, depending on your additional personal income to date. Not including additional income, […]

Illegal dividends – what they are and how to avoid them

Dividends are usually a great, tax efficient way of withdrawing money from a company by the owners.  A company can declare a dividend if it has sufficient profits available within the business. However, there are […]

UK Dividend tax rates and thresholds for 2019/20

As the end of the current financial tax year is fast approaching, it’s a good idea to think about whether you have fully maximised the amount you can withdraw from the company tax free and […]

An MVL can be a great option

How to close your company and extract the profits at 10%

All things come to an end eventually and contracting is no exception.  Whether it was your decision or not, you might eventually decide to close down your company and move on to new projects. If […]

Top tax tips

13 Top Tax Tips

A limited company structure is usually the best way to legitimately and compliantly minimise your tax bill. This is because you can take remuneration through an efficient mix of salary and dividends and claim a […]

How to close your limited company

Closing Your Company

Everything must come to an end eventually, even a limited company.  Whether you have accepted employment or your contract has simply finished, it’s likely you will need to consider your options regarding your unwanted company. […]

New taxation changes to dividends

As you may be aware, dividend taxation rates are changing from 6th April 2016. In order to help with your tax planning, we have set out below how these changes may affect you. What are […]

flat rate vat

Dividends Explained

If you own your own limited company, as a shareholder, generally the most tax-efficient method of taking money out of the company is a small salary and the remainder as dividends. What are dividends? When a […]