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Mortgage Advice for Contractors and the Self-Employed

One of the concerns people have when they first become self-employed or take the plunge to working on a contract basis, is how it will affect their chances of getting or renewing a mortgage. There’s […]

January Contractor Report Round-Up

Demand for IT skills on a contract basis grew in December at its fastest pace for more than 15 years, according to a recent report, and labour market figures released last week showed that the month […]

HMRC IR35 stats and update for contractors

HMRC has recently disclosed, in a statement on its website, that it collected a yield of £1.1m in relation to IR35 enquiries that were closed in 2012/13 (including some that were opened prior to 2012/13). […]

Contractors – heroes or villains?

The formation of a Select Committee to examine the impact, good and bad, of personal service companies for tax collection in the UK, has recently been announced. Calling for the inquiry, Lord Myners (former City […]

Contracting through your limited company

Contracting through your limited company can be a relatively simple thing to do and gives you fantastic freedom to work when you want to. However, there are still certain things you should consider or be […]

Attractive mortgage deals for contractors

It would appear that the recent easing in the mortgage market is filtering through to contractor mortgages. We’re aware of providers offering specific contractor mortgages, with affordability calculated on a daily rate basis, over 46 […]

Good news / bad news for contractors?

IT contractor pay increases fueled by demand Pay rates for contractors, across six areas of IT work, have increased by between 7.6% and 12.5%, compared with last year, according to a report by Computer People. […]

Tax Tips for small businesses and freelance contractors

A limited company structure is usually the best way to legitimately and compliantly minimise your tax bill This is because you can take remuneration through an efficient mix of salary and dividends and claim a […]