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What is IR35 – inside or outside?

IR35 legislation was introduced in April 2000 with the aim to reduce the number of contractors who were avoiding PAYE and national insurance via the use of an intermediary company. Basically, if you are a […]

Freelancer News

Budget 2017 – Headlines for Freelance Contractors and Small Businesses

Budget 2017 – not as bad as it could have been??? There has been quite a backlash to certain elements of spreadsheet Phil’s budget 2017 stand-up routine on Wednesday and there were definitely some headline […]

Freelance contractor confidence returns

A report released this week has shown that the confidence freelance contractors have in their business prospects and the economy in general, has been restored and increased, compared with recent quarters. The survey of around […]

Contractor News and IR35 Tips

Not an awful lot has been heard since the much-vaunted House of Lords review, earlier this year, of the tax regime surrounding the self-employed and freelance community in the UK.  Meanwhile, the number of self-employed […]

Why contracting? Your average contractor…

In January 2014 there were estimated to be nearly 4.4m freelance contractors in the UK, helping to innovate, fill a gap for cutting-edge and essential skills in growing industries and to drive the economy.  This equates […]

Contractor Demand Round Up

According to April 2014’s Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC)/KPMG Report on Jobs, contractor demand continued to increase during April 2014 across all the main sectors and the availability of candidates also fell at the sharpest […]

Budget 2014: For small businesses, contractors and individuals

The Chancellor hailed his budget as being for ‘savers, makers and doers’ which could equally have been translated as for savers and for businesses, notably manufacturers and those wishing to export. Much of the content […]

Budget Changes for Contractors and Self-Employed Professionals

We’ve recently blogged a few of the main, headline items that are going to change, or that we’d like to see in the Chancellor’s 2014 Budget tomorrow, that will effect many individuals, or the economy […]