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The average marriage lasts for 11 years… but we stay with our bank for 17!

The reason for this is generally thought to be the hassle involved in switching. However, if you’re unhappy with the service you receive from your bank, you can now change accounts more easily, as a […]

Government urged to help plug digital skills gap

Following a recent run of broadly positive statistics about the temporary labour market and the IT contracting sector, the government was told (by Hays) last week that it should “promote and endorse” the use of […]

Small businesses lose 12 days per year just dealing with tax

Figures released by the Federation of Small Businesses show that half the owners of the smallest businesses spend between 2 and 8 hours per month understanding, calculating and completing tax forms and that for 11% […]

HMRC News: E-traders beware!

HMRC have announced yesterday that another new campaign will be launched in the next year to target private tutors and e-marketplaces such as Ebay. The understanding is that HMRC believes that these two sectors knowingly […]

Accountancy and SAAS – A natural partnership

There is quite a lively debate over on the BusinessZone where on-premise software provider, Accountz, complains that cloud computing is a rip off.  He suggests that “monthly charges for products in what is known as […]

Worrying times ahead? Probably just the weather, bank holidays or the wedding….

Completing our usual month end checks for customers from  a variety of industry sectors has resulted in some interesting characteristics amongst many small businesses in April. In many sectors, there has been a noticeable reduction […]

A new year and new start?

Now that we are firmly in the new tax year (Happy New Year – sorry a corny Accountant joke) is it time to stand back and take a fresh look at your business and give […]

Stiff new late filing penalties

HMRC have released more information surrounding the new penalty scheme for late delivery of self assessment tax returns for 2010/11. They have been keeping this relatively quiet and I am not surprised one bit. The […]