Bank Statement Upload Released

The long laborious days spent adding transactions manually into Clever Accounts is now finally behind you!

Today, we are pleased to announce that Clever Accounts will now allow you to upload bank statements that have been downloaded from your online banking system.

10-12-2013 09-28-11

This means that you no longer need to manually add bank transactions, enter payments against invoices or make transfers between accounts manually.  With the new module, you simply upload your CSV import, choose the type of transaction you want to create, allocate the correct account code or contact to the transaction and then simply click approve and Clever Accounts will create and reconcile the relevant transaction.

The icing on the cake (and what makes it a great tool) is that you can also create rules based upon criteria you add.  This means that the next time you import a statement, Clever Accounts will automatically create the transaction, allocate the necessary nominal code, vat rate or even contact (if you are creating a sales or purchase  invoice) and then it’s simply a case of accepting the transaction.

Rules will allow you to automatically create bank payments and receipts, transfers, payments against customer or supplier account or even match against payments added manually already.

To find out more about bank imports, visit ourhelp site for further information.

Other updates

  • When you log in and navigate to the banking section, you will notice we have made a few changes, mostly cosmetic but important for the new bank import system.
  • We have linked the VAT rate to the nominal code.  When you allocate a nominal code that frequently will be vatable, the VAT rate will change automatically to the rate we have set.
  • We have upgraded our help site foundhere.  We are still uploading helps guides and manuals but this hopefully will become a useful tool to help you use Clever Accounts.


Posted by Chris Mollan