Bank feeds, dividend vouchers and much, much more

Today, we’re excited in releasing a whole raft of upgrades and enhancements to Clever Accounts that will hopefully improve your experience in using our software to calculate your finances.

There are far too many to list each one on here and so we’ll let you login and you can go through the improvements at your leisure.  However, we thought we’d let you know about the ones we are excited by…

Automatic bank feeds

You can now set up automatic bank feeds that will automatically download bank statements into Clever Accounts each day.  Banking customers of HSBC, RBS and Natwest can now, for a small monthly fee, get their transactions securely downloaded each day, hassle free.


We have also, at the same time, released a new feed for our banking partner, Cater Allen.  This feed is totally free and secure as long as you are a customer of Clever Accounts.

The good news is that Extra and Premium package subscribers (that have signed up for the bookkeeping package) have the feed totally free, no matter which bank.

Because we think this is a big deal, we’ve written a blog just for this here.

Dividend vouchers

Another new update to Clever Accounts allows you to download dividend tax vouchers and minutes for any dividend payment during the tax year.  Furthermore, if you prefer, you can simply email the dividend voucher to yourself without having to download and print out.

Whichever method you choose, you can then quickly and easily ensure that all dividend payments are declared on your tax return each year, and importantly, you have the evidence to back this up.

Better navigation and user friendly help

We’ve tweaked the navigation menu in Clever Accounts.  We’ve added a “My Money” tab, which now contains expenses, mileage and dividend vouchers and split out the old “Purchases” page to a “Bills” tab which relates to supplier payments.

For any new client, we’ve improved the help tips and guides so that you get a better understanding of what pages.



Posted by Chris Mollan