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9 Freelancer Websites You Should Add to Your Next Job Search

Freelancing could be a great way to work and live by. The flexibility of working from anywhere at any time, setting up your rates, and choosing which projects to work on or with whom, means […]

The population of registered companies in the UK – 2017/18

Last June, Companies House has released its annual companies register activities’ report for 2017/18. The official document includes some interesting figures about the current population of registered companies in the UK. Not surprisingly, it presents […]

How to make your social media profile “work” for your business?

Last week, I watched a great a Facebook video by Guy Kawasaki. In it he says: “ Your (social media) profile is a window to your soul ”. Meaning, the way we post, share and […]

SEO Quick Wins – a beginners infographic guide

Search Engine Optimisation can be quite a daunting task sometimes. Its constantly evolving nature requires some advanced technical skills and in many cases, you will not notice an immediate growth in traffic or some ranking improvement […]

Your Social Media Marketing Strategy – How to Get Started!

So, you’ve got a smart new product developed for quite some time. It has the enormous potential of becoming an industry innovation while attracting high volumes of attention and investments for your entrepreneurial project. However, […]