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Attractive mortgage deals for contractors

It would appear that the recent easing in the mortgage market is filtering through to contractor mortgages. We’re aware of providers offering specific contractor mortgages, with affordability calculated on a daily rate basis, over 46 […]

Good news / bad news for contractors?

IT contractor pay increases fueled by demand Pay rates for contractors, across six areas of IT work, have increased by between 7.6% and 12.5%, compared with last year, according to a report by Computer People. […]

Tax Tips for small businesses and freelance contractors

A limited company structure is usually the best way to legitimately and compliantly minimise your tax bill This is because you can take remuneration through an efficient mix of salary and dividends and claim a […]

HMRC getting tough on the little guy

Whilst Google was forced recently to again defend claims that it is not paying its fair share of UK tax – £11.6m of corporation tax in 2012 on sales of around £3.5bn – and Facebook […]

Government urged to help plug digital skills gap

Following a recent run of broadly positive statistics about the temporary labour market and the IT contracting sector, the government was told (by Hays) last week that it should “promote and endorse” the use of […]

Small businesses lose 12 days per year just dealing with tax

Figures released by the Federation of Small Businesses show that half the owners of the smallest businesses spend between 2 and 8 hours per month understanding, calculating and completing tax forms and that for 11% […]

Can your accountant or umbrella company affect your take home pay?

The short answer is no. Many contractors believe this is the case and many companies advertise that they can ‘maximise your take home pay’. Beware – the reality is that the tax you have to pay […]

A good time to be a contractor?

Whilst it would appear that the economic recovery is genuinely starting to take hold, it’s hard to know if the raft of positive stats published regularly at the moment, in relation to consumer and business […]