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Flat Rate VAT UK

Flat Rate VAT changes explained

 For some contractors and freelancers, the Flat Rate VAT scheme is a no-brainer. The scheme allows them to reduce tax costs they otherwise could not have reclaimed via standard VAT, and it considerably simplifies bookkeeping. Hence, saving […]

How to close your limited company

Closing Your Company

Everything must come to an end eventually, even a limited company.  Whether you have accepted employment or your contract has simply finished, it’s likely you will need to consider your options regarding your unwanted company. […]

VAT Flat Rate Scheme changes

What’s happening with the flat rate VAT scheme?

How is flat rate VAT calculated? Traditionally, contractors have always benefited from registering on the flat rate scheme. This is because VAT would be collected on a sales invoice at 20%, but a lower percentage […]

VAT – what is it and who needs it

What is VAT? Value Added Tax (VAT) is one of the most prominent words that orbits the world of business. You often hear comments mentioned such as, ‘is that plus vat?’ ‘that’s zero rated vat,’ […]