Online Accounting for Small Businesses in Leeds

Fancy a better way to manage all of your accounting and tax affairs? .

Less hassle...more service.

Less tax… more earnings.

Less time… more control of your business.

Less paperwork… more visibility of your finances and taxes.

Less stress… more peace of mind.

How about an accountancy service that's designed for the 21st century...

  • Clear advice from small business specialist accountants, to minimise your tax.
  • Friendly, easily accessible customer service and accountant support, whenever and wherever you need it.
  • Affordable, all-inclusive fixed monthly fee - only £79.50 per month for everything a small business needs - check out our prices.
  • Online technology providing a simple, hassle-free way to stay on top of everything AND 24/7 access to see your up to date accounts and tax position, every day of the year.

Instead of arranging a meeting and trekking into the office to meet your accountant a couple of times a year to be told how your business did last year and how much tax you owe and instead of keeping piles of records and spreadsheets…

What if....? could speak to dedicated accountants for unlimited, specialist advice, support and tax planning, whenever you need and from wherever you are? could always view an up to date picture of your finances and tax liabilities, whenever you want, from the comfort of your home or office?

...your accountant provided a way of keeping all your information in one secure place, raising customer invoices and automatically uploading your expenses – and then linking this automatically with your accounts and tax returns? could relax knowing everything is taken care of, never miss a deadline and never pay a fine?

...this was all available for one, affordable, all-inclusive fixed monthly fee?

Clever Accounts provides a complete accountancy service, specially tailored to small businesses and consultants and covering all of your accounting and tax needs, for an all-inclusive fixed monthly fee - combining clear advice and great customer service seamlessly with the ease, control and peace of mind gained through our online system.

We only have small business clients, so we don’t get distracted by big clients paying us higher fees.

More and more services have moved to an online or digital environment – accountancy is no different. Everything a small business needs now can be done electronically and online, more easily and more accurately – the result: less paperwork, less hassle, less stress, less time and more control, with access whenever you want from wherever you are.

Expert professional advice and excellent customer service, available through a variety of modern communication tools, combined with the ease of access, improved control and visibility, added functionality and value for money available online makes online accounting an obvious choice and one more and more small business owners are making.

How does it work?


We provide all the help and advice you need in setting up your business structure in the most suitable way and explaining how everything works. We also provide and easy to use online system that requires no set up.


You simply log in, use the system to raise invoices for your customers when required and input your expenses when convenient, wherever you are.


We’ll take care of everything else! No paperwork to keep or send, we’ll monitor your account online, contact you if we need anything, complete all the necessary returns and file them with HMRC or Companies House and provide advice and feedback along the way.


Get in touch with your accountant anytime (in office hours), by phone or email, for support and advice Also, our automated system will ensure neither you, nor we, miss a deadline.

Benefits of using Clever Accounts?

  • Easy bookkeeping software – no set up, no paperwork & all your records in one secure place.
  • Access to unlimited support, advice and tax planning... whenever and wherever you need it.
  • View your financial position in real-time, whenever and wherever you like.
  • Never miss a deadline – automated reminders and guaranteed response times.
  • Specialists in advising small businesses & self-employed professionals only.
  • All-inclusive, affordable, fixed monthly cost - no surprises.

No paperwork, no stress, no wasted time and maximise your earnings. Speak to us whenever you like and view your up-to-date financial position online whenever you like – no need to book a meeting or trek into the office.

Accounting and tax will always be dull but they should at least be simple and hassle-free. We’re passionate about customer service, about putting you in control and about leaving you to focus on what you do best.

More and more people with small businesses sector are moving to specialist online accountants… for expert tailored advice, excellent customer service, 24/7 online control, added value functions and great value for money, why not join them?

Everything you need from an accountant… and so much more.

Fixed fee accounting from only £79.50 / month

There are no hidden charges, no additional fees at the end of the year to finalise future accounts. Quite simply, once signed up, you will pay just one monthly fee to us and we will provide you with unlimited advice, completion of the end of year accounts and tax returns, an online bookkeeping system and much more.

Furthermore, there's no commitment, you can leave whenever you wish.

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